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Derived From Sanskrit

Yoni is defined as the “source of all life” or “sacred space”,

alluding to our overall mission

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Become a member and each month you will get a box filled with 4 full sized premium products designed for menstrual relief


You can choose different products as your add-ons that you want in your box. You also have the option to purchase individual products. *Great for gifting* 

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Periods Served by PERIOD

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Global Impact

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We believe everyone should have access to feminine products, hygiene, and education. That’s why with every purchase a proceed of our profits are donated to PERIOD.

PERIOD is a global youth-run nonprofit that strives to provide and celebrate menstrual hygiene through service, education, and advocacy — through the global distribution of period products to those in need, and engagement of youth leadership through a nationwide network of campus chapters. In the last two years, they have addressed over 350,000 periods and have registered over 200 campus chapter at universities and high schools around the United States. They are now working to mobilize young leaders across the US to catalyze systemic change towards menstrual equity from their campuses to local and statewide policy.

The First Ever

CBD Monthly Feminine Care Package

Since 2019, My Happy Yoni has been determined to change the pre-menstrual experience for everyone everywhere. Yoni has designed a package that has high quality essentials that everyone can benefit from.

We strive to be ethical and be cruelty free.